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RTC_Franco_Interview_ 2min-25sec_06172018

RTC_Franco_Interview_ 2min-25sec_06172018

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February 10, 2019


Dear Pastor Maureen Hagen and Friend at Vasa Lutheran Church,


On behalf of ourselves, Paul and Jacqueline Mikaelsen, and those who are part of the ministry of Radio Television Caranavi in Bolivia South American, we want to express to you our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the prayers and financial support that you have given to us and this ministry over the years.  We want you to know that without your partnership with us and what God is doing with the radio and television station in Bolivia, we would not be able to continue with this important outreach through the means of communication to reach out to the people in Bolivia with the Good News.  It takes both sides to carry on the work; those on the mission field and those who pray and support than on the home front.  We thank you for your faithfulness which allows this ministry to continue.


We are enclosing an SD card with 5 individual testimonies and one composite of all of them together of listeners to Radio Television Caranavi and who lives this ministry has touched in different ways.  These testimonies give witness as to how God is working through and blessing this ministry. We believed that you will be blessed as well.


Thank you for your part in this ministry and how you have helped and been a part of God's work in Bolivia. 


In Christian love and fellowship,

Paul and Jay

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