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A gift to the Church's Endowment Fund

A new sign for the front of the church

Sound system for sanctuary

Larger, more accessible east door to sanctuary

Cover for special needs ramp/walkway to sanctuary

Enlarge parking lot at the Lutheran Center

Large screen monitor(s) for sanctuary

Windows in the museum

Repair/rebuild gazebo

Kitchen remodel project at the Lutheran Center

New entrance doors (and wall) to the Lutheran Center

Carpeting for the library at the Lutheran Center

Roadside signage for the Lutheran Center

'State of the art' coffee machine for the kitchen

Large canopy/canopies 10x20 or larger for outdoor activities

Paint the interior of the sanctuary

Construct columbarium for cemetery

Projector & screen in gym or large screen monitor(s)

For more information on any of these options, contact Barbara Weigman

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