Sign up to help with the September Community Dinner

Tuesday, September 13

9:00 am: Work with deliveries.

Set up gym for dinner guests

10:30 am: Pack salads

Wednesday, September 14

3:00 pm: Pack bags for deliveries

4:00 pm: Arrive for instructions so you can help with serving dinner in the following way:

  • Get hot food out of warmers into serving dishes

  • Runner--make sure serving dishes are filled

  • Serve

    • Tator tot hotdish​

      • Age appropriate for elementary school kids​​

        • Dinner roll

5:00 pm:  Deliveries Leave the Lutheran Center

5:00 pm:  Kitchen Duty

5:00 pm:  Greeter

5:00 pm:  Recorder

5:00 pm:  Pick-ups

5:00 pm:  Help the elderly & parents with little ones

5:00 pm:  Clean up

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